Yogurt Production Line/Yogurt making machine

What is the production line of yogurt?How is yogurt made in factory?what is yogurt making machine?How is yogurt processed step by step ?I I will reply you the questions that you may want to know .Also if have more query welcome reach us by email directly. we are resolve all issues for our customer yogurt plant according different request.Yogurt making machine from big plant to small scale lab we are customized for you.

Table of contents:

1.Benefits of yogurt.
2.How to make yogurt by efficiency yogurt production line ?
3.High efficiency yogurt production line as follows:
4.Supporting yogurt making machine in yogurt production .
5.Two Milk sterilization methods as follows:
*5.1.Pasteurization technology.
*5.2.Ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization.
6.The processing of yogurt production line.
*6.1.mixing system.Fresh Milk stored at low temperature.(milk refrigerated tank).
*6.2.Filtering(single filter or double filter).
*6.3.Preheating(preheater tank).
*6.4.Homogenization (homogenizer/homogenization machine)
*6.5.Sterilization(sterilizer/sterilization machine)
*6.6.Pre-cooling/Cooling /Fermenter(pre-cooling machine/fermenter machine)
*6.7.Filling and packing(filling machine and packing machine)
7.why people choose our yogurt production line ?
8.success case show.

Yummy yogurt

How is yogurt make step by step through our this yogurt production line ?

Yogurt processing line(Dairy Yogurt Making Machine ) in plant as follows:

Yogurt processing flow :Mixing → Sterilization → Culture feeding → Fermentation → Cooling → Buffering → Filling → ESL sterilization→Buffering→Filling.
Machine in the yogurt production line:
Milk storage tank-Milk pump-single filter or double filter-milk pump-milk reheating tank-milk pump-homogenization machine-milk pump- sterilization machine-pre-cooling(fermenter machine)-milk pump-filling machine.

processing flow of yogurt production line

 yogurt production line
yogurt production line

Yogurt making applications

What are the 7 steps for making your own yogurt?

​1. Mixing system

  • Fresh milk or recombined milk is the basic ingredient, as well as adding sugar, stabilizer and other minor ingredients according to recipe to make yogurt.
  • *Vacuum mixer (Powder/liquid high shear mixer)
  • *Buffer tanks

2. Sterilization

  • *Heating/cooling system
  • *Key parameter: 95℃ for 300s
  • Advantages:
  • *Plate heat exchanger used to improve heat exchanging efficiency
  • *System design conform to EHEDG code
  • *Hot products heat exchanged with cold products, heat recovery rate high up to 90%, steam consumption low down to 30kg/t milk, significantly reducing energy consumption and operation cost
  • *Pressure difference design for Products/heating (cooling) medium, product/product to ensure Sterilized product pressure higher than none pasteurized product or medium, no product contamination risk
  • *gentle heating technology, long continuous running time
  • *Independent CIP circulation system maximize cleaning and energy consumption efficiency

3. Culture inline feeding system

Culture feed into base ingredients for fermentation, base ingredients flow through the culture tank bottom and top to involve culture, higher culture use ratio .

4. Fermentation system

  • Fermentation system is the core of yoghurt process, the design will affect products quality and stability.
  • *Fermentation tanks are ultra clean, mirror polished, 45ºcone bottom design make discharge and cleaning are easy.
  • *Insulated tanks ensure proper fermentation process temperature.
  • *Tanks with top mounted agitator, it runs when base ingredients feed into tanks, make sure culture are evenly distributed into base ingredients, it stops after feeding finish, and start again after fermentation for emulsion broken, but not destroy yoghurt viscosity.
  • *Fermentation tanks equipped with aseptic breather valve and aseptic air system and litter positive pressure protection to avoid contamination.
  • *It also equipped with aseptic sampling valves, it make it’s possible for aseptic sampling to check viable organism and physicochemical index.
  • *Side feeding design to avoid air bubble.
  • *Brown milk fermentation tanks jacketed for heating, after 95º brown stain, it cool down to 38º for fermentation.
  • *Cheese fermentation tanks equipped with agitator scraper, it could scrape and collect products when discharge.
  • *Automatic valves control, valve block discharge, double seat and double seal mixing-proof valves to avoid cross pollution of different pipe line.

5. Yoghurt cooling system

When the acid degree reach required point, yoghurt need to cool down to 15-20℃ immediately for fermentation ending, products cooled through special plate heat exchanger, in order to get uniform products, it’s better to empty all fermentation tanks in half hour, normally, the cooled yoghurt stored in buffer tanks for filling.

6. Buffering

  • *The product is stored in buffer tanks after culture feeding, when filler is ready, product heated to 42±2℃ through the inline heating system.
  • *Hot water circulation system provide stable heating temperature, products heated before filling, when filler stops, the operator needs to push products out for pipe line only, buffer tank product will not be affected. 

7. ESL yoghurt pasteurization system

*ESL yoghurt pasteurizer used for post pasteurization before filling, it keeps 20 seconds at 75℃, for extending yoghurt shelf time.

Advantages of the yogurt production line:

1.pleasure Buffer tank provides stable feeding into pump, especially for high viscosity yoghurt.
2.Small product pressure drop.
3.Conform EHEDG code, special plate used for high viscosity, big gap 3.96mm/316L, higher hygienic and anti-corrosion grade.
4.Hot Products heat exchanged with cold products, this design reduce public energy markedly, as well as operation cost.
5.Hot water used as heating medium, small temperature difference(△t<3℃).
6.Products with heating/cooling medium, and products with products has pressure difference design, hot water system、ice water system and product system have independent pressure monitoring system, to ensure pasteurized products pressure higher than no pasteurized products or medium.
7.Product reversed during high temperature stage, this design make sure high viscosity products fully sterilized.
8.Our yogurt production line could be Self-Cleaning.equipped with independent big flow cleaning pump to ensure complete cleaning.
9.All pipe line elbows have big diameter.It reduces pressure and viscosity loss.
The pipe line connected to aseptic tanks equipped with heating and insulation, to ensure low pipe line transporting resistance, and avoid damage to yoghurt viscosity   .

Processing of our yogurt production line (single machine introduction)

1.Milk tank

Milk tank is composed of the food grade stainless steel tank body.the heat preservation layer.Import USA high performance compressor.the agitators.the control panel .storage temperature from 3~6 degrees celsius.tank is controlled by a micro-computer so could be reached the cooling in very short time .The programmed control unit could automatically start and stop when milk reach the set temperature.So could be effectively to preventing the deterioration of the fresh raw milk.The tank thermal insulation layer is filled with polyurethane foam with small thermal conductivity, so it has a lightweight and good thermal insulation effect.

Milk tank of the yogurt made machine

2.Filtration(single filter or double filter)

single filter or double filters are major used to filter impurities in the milk .The impurities may from human hair or cow when milking .The milking will be cleaned with these filters.Double filters should be preferred for machines with large milk output.very good sealing and easy to change filter element .

double filter of the yogurt produce line

3.Preheating(Preheater tank)

The Filter milk enters the preheater by a milk pump .Temperature is heated up 40~50 degree in the preheater tank equipment .

preheating tank of yogurt making line

4.homogenizer/homogenization machine

The milk homogenizer also called high pressure homogenizer.Homogenization is very important process for milk in the yogurt production line because it’s the quality and taste of milk key factor.the high pressure homogenizer is used for homogenization and emulsification with liquid raw material and density less than 0.2 temperature lower than 80degrees .the principle as follows:the processed milk is sent to the homogeneous valve in the form of high pressure through the reciprocating motion of three pistons so the milk is subjected to the compound force at the moment of flowing through the tiny gap between the disc and the valve seat.The rough milk is processed very fine and the fat particles in the homogenized shrink and completely dispersed in the milk.It is prevents adhesion and coagulation.Also more conducive to human absorption.

homogenizer of yogurt processing line

5.Sterilization(Sterilization machine) for yogurt production line

In the yogurt production line .Sterilization is a very effective way to extending the shelf life of fresh milk.It is also necessary to make sure that the water level in the sterilizer as same as the water lever on the indicator mirror .The sterilization set temperature usually 85 degrees.Make sure the heating button is activated and the machine will starts work.sterilization .mixes and gives alarm automatically when reach the sterilization temperature.

Sterilization machine

6.Pre-cooling /pre-cooling machine for yogurt production line.

After sterilization is completed .The milk is pumped into the pre-cooling tank by milk pump and the pre-cooling tank and cooling tank are the same tank.The both process are completed by different temperature .The cooling time is during 0.3~0.5 hours.The temperature of the milk could be lowered below to be 45 ℃.otherwise the shelf life of the milk and service life of the machine will be affected.
once the cooling competed .the tank has the function of the fermentation that’s could be controlled the temperature at about 42 degrees after adding the probiotics.The fermentation was processing for 8 hours.Finally the yogurt is obtained.Above it is the full yogurt production line.

pre-cooling machine

7.Filling and Packing/filling and packing machine for yogurt processing line

In the yogurt production line the packing machine material is food grade 304L or 316L that is automatically drop cup/filling /film release/sealing and cupping etc.The machine have smooth corners not sharpe edges so that avoid skin cuts.the packing machine evenly heated.high temperature resistance. no deformation. can ensure the beauty of the finished products packing. 1100 cups can be filled in 1 hour. This equipment is workable for the packaging of any viscous material.

milk packing machine

why choose our this yogurt production line ?

1.Our this yogurt production line choose food grade material 304 or 316 which is resistant to high temperature.corrosion.and deformation.our machine is safety and meet hygiene standard.
2.Our Yogurt line is controlled by microcomputer is very easy to operation for people from production yogurt to clean the machine .The Circuit system could protection components prevent over voltage and overcurrent damage to the equipment.
3.The yogurt processing line temperature and time can be customized and set .when the temperature and time reaches set that’s alarm automatically .It is really saving time and saving effort for a plant when processing production.
4.Each machine of our yogurt production line is supporting customization for different requests and different needs.
5.Each machine of our company have a warranty time :1 year .During this warranty time we are responsible for all quality issue.If the users fail to follow the operating procedures or intentionally cause damage to the machine. our company will also provide phone /vedio or email picture guidance to help the users solve the issues, but the users will cover the cost of replacing parts accordingly.
6.If customer needs our company engineer and technicians could go to customer plant(local place )to guide the installations of the yogurt production line but customer need to responsible for our engineer airfare cost.accommodation and food cost etc.

The frequently asked questions of our yogurt production line

Does this yogurt processing line is liquid or solid?

Reply:Our above introduction is liquid yogurt production line .If you need solid please inquiry us by email directly we will reply you soon .Because solid yogurt production still need to be equipped with relevant equipment for you.

What is the production capacity of above yogurt production line ?

Reply:Our above introduction is 500L and homogenization 8 hours.Also you could (200,1000,5000,10000L)or customization for your needs.please reach out us by email directly.our this yogurt production line could be equipped with several fermenters and cycle work for you.

Must I use this kind packing machine ?

Reply:We are still have other kind of filling machine/packing machine for your choose .we are not only have above yogurt production line mentioned packing machine . we still have others type filling and packing machine for customer choose and reference too.

what is the cooling tank temperature range ?

Reply:Our above 500L yogurt production line cooling tank :4~45degrees .If temperature 45 degrees or higher than 45 degrees then could not work.Please note .

What’s the ratio of material could be added when making yogurt?

Reply:The ratio of bacteria/ milk and sugar is 1L of milk plus 6%~8% sugar and 1g of bacteria.

What is the working principle of the sterilization barrel?


Successful case :
This kind of yogurt production line is a relatively mature technology in our company .We have been exported to many countries successfully until
Now.In the earlier of this year one of our France customer who have purchased this yogurt production line with us .This yogurt processing line is
currently in use and it is beginning make profit for our customer now.