External Circulation evaporator

* System composition:
Heater, separator, condenser (mixed or surface type), feed pump, discharge pump, vacuum pump, condensate pump, operating platform, electrical control cabinet, level control system and valve pipeline, etc.
* Working principle:
The solution in the natural external circulation evaporator depends on the density difference circulation of the feed liquid: the liquid is heated in the heating chamber tube, the temperature increases, the density decreases, and the density difference with the cold solution in the circulation tube causes the circulation flow of the liquid upward and downward in the circulation tube. The heated solution enters the evaporating chamber to flash and cool down in the form of sensible heat. Then it goes down into the circulation tube, where it heats and evaporates.
* Product features :
Natural circulation evaporation solution in the equipment in the circulation speed is not large, generally less than 1 m/s. To prevent scaling and crystallization, the heating tube should be operated under complete immersion. The evaporator is suitable for the concentration of less scale and less corrosive solutions. Its advantages are simple structure, easy manufacture and low power consumption. The disadvantage is that the slow circulation speed of solution is not suitable for materials with large viscosity and large amount of crystallization, which cannot be cleaned on the spot.
* Scope of application :
–  Suitable for concentration of less scale and less corrosive solutions.
– Evaporator evaporator capacity: 100 ~ 10000kg/h (series)
-According to the characteristics of materials and evaporation capacity, single – or multi-effect evaporator unit can be designed.
* Technical Date: