* Applicable range
It is suitable for evaporation and concentration of various materials, especially for materials which are not easy to scale, evaporate easily or have strong thermal sensitivity.
*System components
Evaporation part , separator part , condenser , vacuum system, water discharge system , material in every effect , pumps, working platform , Electrical instrumentation control cabinet and valves, piping system composition.
* Multi-effect evaporation concentration equipment
When the new steam enters the first effect as a heat source, the second effect is introduced into the second effect, and so on. Multiple evaporators are connected and operated together, that is, a multi-effect evaporation system is formed. In the multi-effect evaporation system, the latent heat of steam can be reused, which can significantly reduce the energy consumption, greatly reduce the energy consumption and improve the thermal efficiency.
*  Use the most common evaporative enrichment equipment.
* As the number of potency increases, steam consumption is more economical.
*  Although the equipment is less expensive to invest, it consumes a large amount of steam and thus imposes a large energy burden.
*  Is suitable for concentrated evaporative crystallization of steam where the price is lower.
* Main characteristics
* Pump flow rate is relatively small, low installed power, low power consumption.
*  Concentration ratio is large, falling film evaporation, concentration time is short.
*  Special design can be easily operated to achieve switching efficiency to adapt to different products.
*  Evaporator top spraying material or through multiple overflow film device ensures the material and liquid evenly distributed in the evaporator film tube, forming a film shape, which greatly improves the heat transfer coefficient and increases the evaporation rate, thus preventing “dry wall” phenomenon.
* Feed liquid at the bottom of the evaporator vapor liquid separation, into the separator and then separation, strengthening the separation effect.
*  Large equipment adopts vertical and vertical structure, with compact structure, small footprint, simple and smooth layout, representing the development aspect of large complete sets of evaporation equipment.
* Equipment with CIP cleaning pipeline, can be cleaned easily .
 *Technical Date

Beside this sheet , we also can design according to client different requirement with different proposal .


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