UHT Milk production line

Milk sterilized under 135-140℃ for 4-10 seconds, products physicochemical index reaching commercial aseptic request,therefore it can be stored for a long shelf time under ordinary storage condition


*Plain milk

*Color milk



*Other special products


*3m tubular heat exchanger, smaller installation area

*Conform to EHEDG code

*All wetted parts material is SS316L, hygienic design

*Products heat exchanged with hot water, heat recovery rate high up to 90%, this design reduce public energy markedly, as well as operation cost

*Pressure difference design between products with hot water to ensure Sterilized product pressure higher than no Sterilized products or medium, reduce products pollution risk and ensure final products quality

*Short sterilization time, and not too much temperature difference between products and hot water when heat exchanging, the heating is soft to ensure products taste and reduce products incrustation which could prolong continuous running time

Suitable for various products, even products with particle and high viscosity