DTB Cooling crystallizer

DTB Cooling crystallizer
Draft tube baffle crystallizer* Introduction to DTB crystallizer
DTB crystallizer is a typical modern industrial continuous crystallizer, which is most widely used. It is the best continuous crystallizer whether it is vacuum evaporation, vacuum flash cooling or direct contact freezing. It is composed of heating chamber (or cooler), crystallization chamber, circulating pump, vertical axial-flow pump, crystallization zone, evaporation zone, mother liquid zone < baffle >. The crystal size is larger, the particles are uniform, the surface is smooth and clean, different products have different crystal characteristics, but within a certain range, the particle size can be adjusted, which is the biggest characteristic of “DTB” crystallizer. The structure design of “DTB” crystallizer is complex. The settlement area should be designed according to different settlement velocity in evaporation zone, crystallization zone and mother liquid zone, so as to calculate the diameter of crystallizer. The sedimentation rate is determined by the characteristics of crystalline materials. Generally speaking, the rate of rise in the throughflow tube is less than or equal to 1m/s, the rate of settlement in the evaporation chamber is less than or equal to 0.2m/s, the rate of settlement in the crystal area is less than or equal to 0.1m/s, and the mother liquid area is less than or equal to 0.05m/s.
The design of vertical axial-flow pump is the key of “DTB” crystallizer, which belongs to the special axial-flow pump with large flow rate, low head, low speed and large diameter of impeller. It is the “heart” of crystallizer, and the size of crystal size is closely related to its design.

* Main feature :
–   Large grain size.
–  Uniform particles and smooth surface.
–   Special structure: vertical axial-flow pump is the “heart” impeller of DTB crystallizer.
–  It is high flow, low head, low speed and controllable speed.
–  The operation can be designed as automatic control.

* Application area :
It is mainly used in chemical industry, metallurgical industry, pickling waste liquid of large steel mill, wet desulphurization waste liquid treatment of power plant and so on.
Combined with foreign technology, our company has successfully developed ammonium sulfate, zinc sulfate, sodium sulfate, copper sulfate, magnesium sulfate, sodium chloride, ammonium chloride and other crystallization evaporator sets.

* DTB crystallizer samples