Ethanol recovery machine for ethanol solvent recovery or extraction

We are also called ethanol solvent low temperature ethanol extraction machine.

How Single effect ethanol recovery machine Work?

The ethanol recovery machine steam enters the outside of the column tube of the heating chamber. The material liquid is heated up. Sprayed into the evaporation chamber from the nozzle. And the vapor-liquid separation is carried out. And the material liquid returns to the lower part of the heating chamber from the circulating tube and then heated. And the material liquid is heated and sprayed into the evaporation chamber to open a cycle. The single-effect concentrator material liquid is concentrated to a certain extent.

And after sampling is determined to be qualified. It is discharged from the discharge port. And the steam evaporated from the evaporation chamber is eliminated by the defoamer and then passed through the vapor-liquid separator. Part of the material liquid returns to the evaporation chamber. And the rest of the secondary steam is cooled into a liquid by the condenser and cooler into a liquid storage barrel. And the non-condensable gas is discharged into the atmosphere or taken away by a vacuum pump.

The structure of single effect ethanol recovery machine :

The single-effect (external circulation) concentrator ethanol recovery machine is composed of heating chamber. Evaporation chamber. Foam catcher. Condenser. Cooler. Liquid receiving tank and system inline pipe valve. supporting instruments. etc. The part in contact with the material is all made of stainless steel 304/316L. which has good corrosion resistance. Beautiful appearance. Heater. Evaporator are equipped with heat preservation. Thermal insulation external stainless steel plate to make the shell. The surface to do mirror or matte treatment. Fully meet GMP standards.

Tech drawing of the alcohol evaporation:

ethanol recovery machine

Manufacturing Images after installation :

ethanol recovery machine
Single effect ethanol recovery machine

The Ethanol recovery machine working in the plant video as follows:

The Ethanol recovery machine Working in the plant.

The characteristics and benefits of concentrator equipment:


Alcohol recovery: The large recovery capacity. Vacuum operation method of the concentrator improve the process flow of the JN series. The recovery rate can reach 95%. So that the alcohol loss rate is less than 5%. Energy consumption is reduced by 30%. with small investment. high recovery efficiency concentrator energy-saving equipment


Concentrated liquid material: this equipment adopts external heating natural circulation type and vacuum negative pressure evaporation mode, the evaporation speed is fast, the concentration specific gravity can reach 1.3; the liquid material is concentrated without foam in the fully sealed state, and the chemical liquid concentrated by this equipment has the characteristics of strong drug smell, and it is easy to clean (open the upper and lower covers of the heater to clean). This equipment is simple to operate and occupies a small footprint. The heater and evaporator adopt stainless steel insulation structure, the insulation adopts polyurethane foaming, the outer surface is matte and matte, and the concentrator meets GMP pharmaceutical standards.


The heater adopts a quick opening structure, which is very convenient for workers to clean.


The condenser adopts three strokes, which not only has a large condensing area, but also has a large heat exchange effect.


Concentrated liquid material: this equipment adopts the combination of external heating natural circulation and vacuum negative pressure evaporation, the evaporation speed is fast, and the specific gravity of concentration can reach 1.3.

The technology parameter of the ethanol recovery machine :

The technology parameter of the ethanol recovery machine

We are providing Ethanol recovery machine training.

Ethanol recovery machine shipment by Ocean.
Payment:TT 50%
Packing:we are most of time send machine into container with Soft clothes. some will be put into wooden cases.important components will take care and put into cases too.
Production time:45days after tech drawing confirmed .
Place of origin: China
Video outgoing inspection: provided
Machinery test report:provided
Market type:2020
Warranty core components:1 year
Key selling point: easy operate for workers.
Machine type:vacuum
Name:Ethanol recovery machine
Max temp:225
Industrial boiler :hot oil boiler
After sale service: overseas service available


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