tomato Sauce production line

System composition:

Each effect heater、each effect separator、 condenser(mixing type or surface type)、each effect forced circulation pump 、 condensate pump、vacuum pump、liquid transfer pump、 platform、electrical instrument control cabinet, level automatic control system and valve&pipe fittings, etc. 
Product features:

1. The equipment material properties to adapt to the wide range of processing. Mainly for evaporation process easy fouling materials, materials with crystal precipitation evaporation process. With enrichment concentration increase, the viscosity increase of materials, materials with insoluble solids, etc;
2.In the process of evaporation, the material flow fast by forced circulation in tube , heated evenly, high coefficient of heat transfer, and can prevent the phenomenon of dry wall.
3.Material liquid by forced circulation pump through the heater to heat quickly,  get out from top up with tangent type into the separator (crystallizer), gas-liquid separation effect is good.
4. Material evaporation crystallization at low temperature by vacuum equipment, coupled with continuous feeding&discharging, heating time is short, suitable for food sauce material  thermal evaporation concentration.
5.Equipment structure is compact, small floor spaces, layout is smooth, easy operation, stable performance, etc.
6.Equipment can be equipped with automation system, can be configured to realize automatic feed control, the heating temperature automatic control, automatic discharging concentration control, can also be equipped with a sudden power failure, the failure of crystal material protection, other security, alarm and other automation control.

Range of application:

Can be used for high viscosity, less liquid paste class materials and easy to scale of material (such as ketchup, kiwi fruit jam enrichment).
Evaporation capacity: 100-60000kg/h (Series)
According to the characteristics of the material and the size of the evaporation, can design into a single effect or multi-effect evaporation unit. 
In consideration of each factories all kinds of solutions with different characteristics and complexity, our company will provide specific technical scheme according to client’s requirements, reference for users to choose!