mechanical vapor recompression evaporator-mvr evaporator

What is mechanical vapor recompression evaporator?

mechanical vapor recompression evaporator.MVR evaporator is an energy-saving technology that reuses the energy of the secondary steam it produces itself. Thereby reducing the need for external energy.

The basic principle of the MVR evaporator

The waste heat steam generated in the evaporation process is washed and mechanically recompressed by counter-current washing and mechanical recompression. So as to improve the cleanliness and enthalpy of the waste heat steam. And reuse it to achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection.

The structure of the mechanical vapour recompression evaporator

Mechanical vapor recompression evaporator system is composed of single-effect or double-effect evaporator. Separator. Compressor. Vacuum pump. Circulation pump. Operation platform. Electrical instrument control cabinet and valve. Pipeline and other systems. with simple structure and convenient operation and maintenance.

Salt waste water treatment/SALT WASTE WATER TREATMENT NACL SOLUTION/Salt maker
The company is a chemical products factory. the main production chemical crystal particles. Such as wastewater containing high concentration of salt. After many times of experiment the conclusion. My company eventually adopt the crystallizer of continuous production. The moisture of salt crystallization and centrifugal separation. Final disposal by the customer. The water can be put into production again after the treatment.
Project information :
1.         Medium:sodium chlorideSodium Sulfate, Nacl solutions
2.         Handing capacity : 1000 kg / hr
3.         Material of machine : SS316L,titanimum
4.         Service Life : 10 years
5.         Plant Operation : Continuous, 24 hours per day, 365 days per annum
6.         Plant Availability : 91.3% – 95%
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mechanical vapor recompression evaporator mvr evaporator
MVR evaporator (cryogenic evaporator) is currently the most advanced evaporator technology in the world.
its characteristics are as follows:

1) There is no waste heat steam emission. And the energy-saving effect is very significant.equivalent to a 10-effect evaporator.

2) The use of this technology can realize counter-current scrubbing of secondary steam. So the dry matter content of condensate is much lower than that of multiple evaporators.

3) The use of low temperature negative pressure evaporation (50-90 °C) is conducive to preventing the high temperature denaturation of the evaporated material.

its characteristics are as follows:

4)4.1 Mechanical vapor recompression evaporator. MVR evaporator is a replacement product of the traditional multi-effect falling film evaporator. Which is reused by countercurrent washing and recompression of secondary steam on the basis of single-effect evaporator. All materials suitable for single-effect and multi-effect evaporators are suitable for MVR evaporators. Which are technically completely fungible and have better environmental protection and energy-saving characteristics.
MVR evaporator is also known as cryogenic evaporator or MVR energy-saving evaporator. MVR evaporator is the use of the evaporator to produce the secondary steam vaporization latent heat. Even if the temperature of the secondary steam is only 80 degrees. But considering the enthalpy value is not low. Such as 80 degrees calorific value 2200kj. 100 degrees calorific value 2280kj. In fact. The calorific value is only dozens of kj. If by what way to use this part of the thermal energy, then you can use this energy again.
MVR evaporator is to use the compressor to increase the energy of the secondary steam. That is. The 80 degrees of secondary steam through compression to 100 degrees. The actual input calorific value is only thirty kj. Considering the energy loss, is to 30kw can evaporate a ton of water. So the use of MVR evaporator is an energy-saving MVR evaporator. much better than the traditional evaporator energy-saving effect.


The use of MVR evaporator to consider the reason for the temperature rise. The material is best boiling point liter not more than 20 degrees. Otherwise the energy consumption of the compressor will be greatly increased. Successful case materials include: sodium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, sodium chloride, ammonium chloride, tartaric acid, glucose, itaconic acid and so on.

MVR evaporator technology due to its remarkable energy-saving effect. Began to develop rapidly abroad in the 70s. And has been widely used in industrial wastewater treatment and ammonium sulfate. Sodium sulfate. Sodium chloride. Seawater desalination, coking plants (recovery of sulfur dioxide to produce sulfur ammonia). Salt chemical industry and many other production fields. No raw steam is required during evaporation. Greatly reduce operating costs. while achieving energy saving and emission reduction .


The working process is that the steam at low temperature is compressed by the compressor. The temperature and pressure are increased. The enthalpy is increased. And then it enters the heat exchanger to condense to make full use of the latent heat of the steam. In addition to start-up, no steam is required throughout the evaporation process. In the multi-effect evaporation process. The secondary steam of a certain effect of the evaporator cannot be directly used as the heat source of the primary effect. But can only be used as the heat source of the secondary effect or the secondary effect. If it is used as an effective heat source, it must be given additional energy to increase its temperature (pressure). Steam jet pumps can only compress part of the secondary steam. While MVR evaporators recover all the secondary steam in the evaporator.


The principle of MVR mechanical recompression evaporator MVR steam mechanical recompression evaporator is an efficient and energy-saving technology compared with traditional multi-effect evaporation. MVR evaporator refers to mechanical thermal compression evaporator. Which is a new type of high-efficiency evaporation equipment developed in the late nineties of the twentieth century.


Mechanical vapour recompression evaporator working principle is that the secondary steam generated by the evaporator is subjected to a mechanical thermal compressor (similar to a blower). The temperature is increased by 5~8 °C. And the heating heat source used for the evaporator is returned. And the fresh steam is only used to supplement the heat loss and supplement the enthalpy of the inlet and outlet materials. Thereby greatly reducing the consumption of external fresh steam by the evaporator. The original steam to be discarded has been fully utilized. The latent heat is recovered. And the thermal efficiency is improved. And the economy of raw steam is equivalent to 20-30 effects of multi-effect evaporation. Reducing the demand for external heating and cooling resources, reducing energy consumption and reducing pollution.

MVR evaporator can achieve low temperature evaporation. The evaporation temperature is from 45 degrees to 100 degrees. And MVR can save energy compared to traditional multi-effect evaporators because it recovers secondary steam. By replacing the steam input with the input of electric work. MVR reduces operating costs. For every 1 t of water vapor evaporated. MVR can save 12.9% of standard coal compared with the five-effect evaporator. Compared to the first-effect evaporator, it can save 78.6% of standard coal. In addition. For every 1 t of water vapor evaporated. MVR operation cost can save 2.3 US$ compared with three-effect evaporation. Which is equivalent to four-effect evaporation.


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